Green Tea is the Best


Green tea is the best

Since moving to Taiwan in mid-2016 I have fallen in love…with iced green tea. I’m not lying when I say that the quality, accessibility and price of iced green tea will be the thing I miss the most about Taiwan when I leave. Why do I love green tea so much. Let me provide you with some reasons:    1. … Read More

My True North


true north

My goal is to build an organisation that combines art and technology to influence people’s lives for the better. I want to be able to inspire, educate, entertain and enlighten through innovative products that are grounded in truth. This is my WHY. This is my TRUE NORTH. What’s your true north? #truenorth

The Future: Will you have to pay to access websites?


internet future

  Here’s my theory and it’s not as bad as the title of this blog post might have made it seem. You might have been reading a lot about online fake news recently and much of the controversy is based on Donald Trump and his election but fake news…Or at least exaggerated/non-researched news… is a bigger problem than you may … Read More

A review of Crush It! by Gary Vee

Ben WorrallREVIEWS

crush it book review

Hello! In this blog post, I’m going to talk briefly about Crush it! A book by the one, the only, Gary Vee. This book was released back in 2009 and I have wanted to read it for a while but only got just got round to it last week even though I have been following Gary for a couple of … Read More

Order the mind


  One of my biggest weaknesses is my inability to order my thoughts in a way that can be used constructively. I wonder how many other people suffer from a similar sort of problem. So many ideas, theories etc I think there’s potential there but it can’t be controlled. It comes and goes. It’s a waste. Maybe it’s laziness in … Read More

Why Sunglasses are a MUST for travelling Asia

Ben WorrallTRAVEL

Sung;asses Asia Haggling

This blog post is about sunglasses and why they are so useful for travelling in Asia, especially when travelling alone. And no, it’s not because the the sun is bright. Sunglasses are handy to have because they (hopefully) hide your eyes. From personal experience, I can tell you that there were many times when was forced into an intense haggling … Read More