Playing the Game


Sometimes we can become too focused on the destination. I know that I can. When this mindset takes over it is easy to surround ourselves with a vision of the future and forget about the now. Have you ever been frustrated? Angry? Sad? Maybe things arent going the way you want them to go. Why can’t things just work out … Read More



Here in Taiwan, throwing away your household trash means waiting outside at a certain time of the day and physically throwing your bags into the back of the lorry as it passes.   Yesterday, I was waiting outside to do just this. There were around a dozen other people from my apartment block waiting to do the same thing. As … Read More

Why Blog


I have had this blog for around three years now. I think setting up back in 2014 was a great decision. One reason for this is that it allowed me to secure my name as the domain name which is going to become far harder to do as time goes on. This is especially true if you have a … Read More

Live on your own clock


Are you living on your own clock? Or are you on somebody else’s? Let’s take a look at an example of what I mean. Let’s imagine you are standing in line waiting to order some food at a Chinese restaurant. You get to the front of the line and you still haven’t decided exactly what you want to order. You … Read More

Getting Serious


I’ve spent quite a bit of time contemplating things over the last week. I’m well past the halfway mark of my teaching contract here in Tainan and I need to figure out exactly what direction I am going to be headed in afterwards. Today marks one year since I arrived in Taiwan. In the last year, I have been fortunate … Read More

One Minute of Tainan

Ben WorrallTRAVEL

Want to know what’s it’s like to live in Tainan, Taiwan? I take one minute to show you around.

I miss travelling


While I’m still living and working in Taiwan, I have been thinking recently about the two months I spent travelling Asia early last year. I do miss the ultimate freedom that comes with travelling alone. It’s one of the few things I’ve done that really made me feel alive. I’m the type of person that can easily get stuck in … Read More