Weather Productivity


bad weather

It’s getting quite cold here now. Not as cold as back In the UK but still cold compared to the temperature I have gotten used to here in Taiwan.   I think today has been the coldest day so far. There was an Earthquake last night and this morning when my alarm went off at 6 am. The usual time … Read More

Inside Out |The Concept Show Episode 1


Inside Out

  Today I am going to be shaking things up a little bit and doing something different by introducing a video show to my website. I am proud to introduce you to The Concept Show an idea I came up with a couple of weeks back which involves me talking about the different concepts or ideas that are lurking about … Read More

Spreading Yourself Too Thin


  In a previous blog post from last year I talked about the concept of “mastery” and how applying long term commitment towards a skill or craft will often produce outstanding and unimaginable results in your life.  In this post, I want to talk a little bit about my own situation (as always) and link back mastery also. I’ve always … Read More

Time to change


I couldn’t sleep last night. My brain was active thinking about different topics. There was one thing specifically that I couldn’t get out of my head and that is going to be the topic of today’s blog.   I have talked quite a lot about the value of reading and listening to audio books. It’s something I do a lot … Read More

I have a new phone


samsung s7

Last Friday I got a new phone because my other one had a smashed screen and because I wanted a new phone. After a lot of research, I picked the Samsung S7 as my phone of choice. It seemed like a good fit for me. I have never had an up-to-date smartphone before, so I was really amazed as how … Read More

Information Overload



This one really gets to me. As someone who is into personal development, I take in a lot of information about different subjects relating to working on yourself and becoming a more well-rounded person. There have been countless situations where I discover a new golden nugget of information that I think is useful and can be applied to my life … Read More

I’ve become a coffee shop person


Hello, In the olden days I could never really understand the appeal of coffee shops. Whenever I went in one it was because someone else wanted to or because I was waiting around for something. But recently I have been going into coffee shops more regularly by myself. It’s nice and peaceful. Well, when I say coffee shop I mean … Read More

The Curse of Being Human



The curse of being human, interesting title, what could it be? This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while now. Here’s the story:   There once was a man who had nothing. He had no friends or family. He lived on the streets and struggled to get by. By day, he begged for change to feed … Read More

Write like you talk



Write like you talk. This is the most useful advice I have discovered in a while. It seems obvious and I’ve probably heard the same thing a few times before but I have only been applying it in the last week. I always believe in the topics I write about in my blogs posts and for the most part I … Read More

Why I recommend audiobooks


audiobook sheep

Hello again! For the last six months or so I have been obsessed with listening to audiobooks. I never previously understood the value of audiobooks over traditional reading but I have completely changed my mindset on this. Here’s the secret:  Most of us waste so much time of our time waiting…waiting on the bus…waiting at the bank…waiting for our shift … Read More