Archie’s Final Project Review (2009)


Archie’s Final Project Review (2009)


Hey, hey, hey. What’s going on?

I’m back and this time I’m going to be reviewing the 2009 film “Archie’s Final Project” starring some actors I’ve never heard of before such as the Gabriel Sunday playing the death obsessed character of Archie and Brooke Nevin playing the death obsessed character of Sierra.

So Archie’s final project is a film focused on the theme of death with characters who are always thinking about death. Sound depressing? Well it is, in a way…but in my mind it could easily be misjudged and is actually a very well made film which explores a variety of interesting and important topics such as the role of media, depression and of course…death.

The film kicks off with the cheeky but also slightly psychotic Archie announcing to his teacher and class that his final film project is going to revolve around him killing himself on camera. Obviously, his teacher is worried about the things he is saying and Archie’s life takes a turn from here. One of the interesting things about Archie’s Final Project is that the entire film is delivered from the perspective of Archie’s film project and what I mean by this is that what we’re seeing on screen is the actual finished version of Archie’s project. We as an audience know that Archie is planning to kill himself at the end of his film but the question remains of if he will actually go through with his suicide plan. This style of delivery is made more effective by combining the fly on the wall styled scenes depicting Archie going about his everyday life with more personal scenes where Archie often talks one on one with the camera revealing his inner thoughts to the audience.  The mixture of these two styles does not only feel fresh but is actually one of the main reasons why this film turns out to be emotionally effective.

As you can probably gather by now, this film is slightly disturbing at times but has also got its funny moments, its emotional moments and of course its shocking moments. There is nothing too predictable here, which for me is a massive positive for the film but I think the thing that makes Archie’s Final Project stand out over all else is the truth that has gone into the production. It obvious that the writer/director actually feel strongly about the topic of suicide and wanted to produce an effective film which would cover all aspect of this dark subject matter in a well-balanced and believable way. The film has tried to delve deep into the troubled modern teenage culture in order to find sense and reason behind what drives teenagers to suicide. The acting, while sometimes slightly bizarre, also works well with in the film context adding to the effectiveness of character development.

I think I’ve said enough so to sum up…Archie’s final project is a film I would recommend to most. If you are looking for Hollywood bullshit then you are looking in the wrong place but if you want to be occupied with something a little bit different and are not easily offended then this could be a great film for you. Hopefully it’ll make you think!

“Delves very deep”

I give Archie’s Final Project…