I miss travelling


While I’m still living and working in Taiwan, I have been thinking recently about the two months I spent travelling Asia early last year.

I do miss the ultimate freedom that comes with travelling alone. It’s one of the few things I’ve done that really made me feel alive.

I’m the type of person that can easily get stuck in a rut and lose passion if I’m doing the same thing everyday for too long and I do feel I’m starting to get to that point now.

It’s weird because I am a contradiction. While travelling is a really amazing experience, I also found it to be hard work at times because I’m an introverted person and often need my own space which can be difficult when your constantly staying in hostels. I know that I couldn’t maintain that type of lifestyle for too long. I remember nearer the end of my previous traveling experience I was more than ready to return to Taiwan and stick around in one place for a while.

But things change and now I am keen to have another adventure.

I would say that I become the best version of myself when I am pushed outside my comfort zone which travelling obviously does. I become way more creative, more inspired to take action and generally have a greater passion for life.

I think that I need to try and create a lifestyle for myself where I have the freedom to take a 1-3 month trip every year.

I know that’s not going to be an easy thing to do because I need to work. But it’s not impossible either. I think living this type of lifestyle would be an really positive thing for me.

This is why I’m looking into career opportunities that give me more flexibility than the 9-5 GRIND. I have started writing (a novel) again and while I haven’t had any success in the past I think that this type of work is perfect for me. I have also learnt a lot about online marketing over the last few months. Understanding this is crucial for developing the type of lifestyle I want.

My two interests have always been storytelling and entrepreneurship. So I’m going to be working towards combining these two things in a career path that gives me flexibility. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet but I’m getting there.

3 commitments


3 ways I can improve over the next year. 


1. Take one day at a time. Return to your routine. Take pride in small actions. Be present and enjoy life.


2. Don’t get so caught up in your own world and practice providing value for others.


3. Focus on the important tasks. Know every problem can be overcome. Trust the process and use work ethic to finish what you start.

Vision board


If I said to you right now

“What do you want out of life?”

How would you answer?

Most people would need some time to think about it before answering the question. Some wouldn’t be able to answer at all.

I have never been particularly focused on what I want. And if someone asked me it would take me some time to give them an accurate answer.

I recently rediscovered the strategy of creating a vision board to keep yourself focused and moving in the right direction in life. I remember hearing about this back in school but at the time the suggested method of creating one was to cut images out of magazines and have the vision board on paper. I’ve never really been an arts and craft type of person and therefore it seemed to be more effort than it was worth.

But revisiting the idea now, I realized that it wouldn’t take long to create a vision board by putting together images from Google and save it as my desktop background. And that’s exactly what I did.

Basically, the idea is to find images that represent the way you want your life to look in the future.

This could include: goals you want to achieve, possessions you want acquire, places you want to visit, people you want to meet, qualities you want to possess and so on.

I found around 10~15 different images representing some of the things (I think) I want from my life and put them together into one big image.

After finishing, I did feel like I had a slightly clearer idea on the direction I needed to be going to turn some of these images into realities.

If you’re like me and tend to become unfocused with what you’re doing, I’d suggest putting aside an hour and creating one too.

I’m not going to upload my whole vision board here but I’ll share a few images that I used and briefly talk about what they mean to me.



wild learning








This is a film still taken from the movie Into The Wild. To me is represents the personal quality of open mindedness and the value of  treating life like a continuous learning experience rather than getting overly  caught up in your own beliefs. 













This is the front cover of the book The Fountainhead – which I read last year. I decided to include this image in my vision board for two reasons. Firstly, because writing and publishing a book is something I want to achieve in my life. Secondly, I picked this book specifically because it seemed to me more like an original and personal ‘work of art’ than just being an entertaining story. Not only this but one of the main themes of the book itself is how sticking to your own creative intuition and integrity is superior to pandering to an audience.

welcome to survivor







I want to be a contestant on the TV show Survivor. It has been an impossible ambition of mine for quite a few years now. This one might seem obvious to those who know me but it means more than just simply going on the show. It’s about the journey of sticking with an aspiration despite the unfavorable odds. 


Ben Worrall

Weather Productivity


bad weather

It’s getting quite cold here now.

Not as cold as back In the UK but still cold compared to the temperature I have gotten used to here in Taiwan.


I think today has been the coldest day so far. There was an Earthquake last night and this morning when my alarm went off at 6 am. The usual time time I get breakfast. I didn’t get up. I think it was less to do with the lack of sleep and more to do with how cold my room is in the morning.


It got me thinking about the weather and how it effects out everyday lifestyle.


I have noticed that there has been a big contrast between my motivation and productivity back in the summer months and now.


Back when the weather was always hot (or warm). I felt like I was getting so much more out of my day. I always got up before 7am and usually before 6. I started my day by getting breakfast and then working on my own projects even though I didn’t need to be in work until 2pm. I was able to get so much done.


But this routine has started to slip in recent months as the mornings are getting colder and darker. I have also been aware of my mood decreasing.


This could been an excuse and my motivation has just taken a dip in general, which I think is partly true. But I don’t doubt that the weather and temperature has had a huge effect on my overall attitude and my daily productivity.


It makes me think how great it would be to live in a part of the world that is warm all year round. Not just because it would be pleasant but because I feel it would (for me at least) lead to a healthier lifestyle, more motivation and better results.


I wonder if anyone reading this feels the same. Can climate alone completely impact the way you live your life?


Ben Worrall

Inside Out |The Concept Show Episode 1

Ben WorrallREVIEWS

Inside Out


Today I am going to be shaking things up a little bit and doing something different by introducing a video show to my website.

I am proud to introduce you to The Concept Show an idea I came up with a couple of weeks back which involves me talking about the different concepts or ideas that are lurking about in my head and presenting them in a video format.

Let’s get to it with today’s concept “Inside Out”.

In the video I talk about the inspiration for this concept being the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Get the book here.