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Inside Out


Today I am going to be shaking things up a little bit and doing something different by introducing a video show to my website.

I am proud to introduce you to The Concept Show an idea I came up with a couple of weeks back which involves me talking about the different concepts or ideas that are lurking about in my head and presenting them in a video format.

Let’s get to it with today’s concept “Inside Out”.

In the video I talk about the inspiration for this concept being the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Get the book here.



Spreading Yourself Too Thin



In a previous blog post from last year I talked about the concept of “mastery” and how applying long term commitment towards a skill or craft will often produce outstanding and unimaginable results in your life.  In this post, I want to talk a little bit about my own situation (as always) and link back mastery also.

I’ve always been an idea person, which is good and probably one of my main strengths but where I let myself down is my lack of commitment towards any one pursuit. I jump from one project to the next without fail and I end up either not finishing what I start or finishing but not taking it any further.

After some introspection, I feel like the problem is I spend too much time on projects or activities that are in my mind temporary rather than dedicating myself to a bigger goal. I think it partly because subconsciously I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the work I really am passionate about. Therefore, it’s easier for me dance around the issue with projects I could take or leave rather than be disappointed with my own work on a project that means something to me.

It’s also the issue of long term commitment that I struggle with. The idea of putting many years of my life into a single project kind of scares me. I’m aware of how short life is and I don’t want to waste a chunk of it on something that might not be any good.

With all this said, I do understand all the points made in Mastery as I talked about in the previous post. A lack of commitment to any one direction will most likely end in mediocrity or nothing at all.

I think the solution to this problem this:

To focus on the process rather than on the results.

To find an activity that is enjoyable regardless of the results.

To play solely for the love of the game not for the million dollar pay check.


Ben Worrall

Time to change


I couldn’t sleep last night. My brain was active thinking about different topics. There was one thing specifically that I couldn’t get out of my head and that is going to be the topic of today’s blog.


I have talked quite a lot about the value of reading and listening to audio books. It’s something I do a lot now days and I think it’s a great habit to get into.


However, the problem I have is of my own doing and something that I am starting to feel very guilty about.


The issue is this:

I rarely buy books. And I NEVER buy audio books.


I know I can find copies of most books and audio books online as a free download. So up to this point, I have never even considered spending money on the books.


Last night it hit me how hypocritical and quite frankly low, downloading these products for free is.


A majority of these books don’t come from big companies but independent authors who have most likely put months or years of their life into creating it. Yet, I come along and steal it without a care in the world.


What makes it worst, is that the books I’m downloading usually come from authors that I respect or at least am willing to listen to. And yet I don’t have the decency to even pay for the product.


Then it occurred to me that i’m not only stealing these products from people I respect BUT I plan to create and sell digital products in the future myself!


Will I expect others to pay for the products I will create? YES.


How hypocritical.


So basically, last night was a turning point for me. It might not sound like a big deal but it opened my eyes to my own selfish behaviour.


From now on I’m going to be paying for every book I read or listen to. It makes me feel kind of unwell thinking about it because I am going to be buying a lot of books but I’ve just got to deal with it.


That’s reality.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that I’m no more special than anyone else. This will be a concrete way to do it.


My bank account might go down but my integrity goes up. And I can sell my own products in the future without feeling like a complete fraud.


Ben Worrall

I have a new phone


samsung s7

Last Friday I got a new phone because my other one had a smashed screen and because I wanted a new phone. After a lot of research, I picked the Samsung S7 as my phone of choice. It seemed like a good fit for me.

I have never had an up-to-date smartphone before, so I was really amazed as how awesome the phone was when I got the chance to start playing about with it.

I am sure that I’m not the only one who’s done this but I admit that I spent pretty much the whole weekend on the phone. I was setting stuff up and playing around with apps that I didn’t have the storage space to use previously.

I’m a follower of Gary Vee, who really emphasizes using social media to as a way of building an online brand and marketing the things you create. Gary has really sold me on the importance of doing this so I was keen to learn how to use some social media apps that I’ve never given a chance before.

The one app that I really like is Instagram. I’ve been using it a lot other the past few days testing out the different features. It’s interesting and I can see the potential of building a following there.

Instagram stories seem especially interesting because you can literally document random shit, seems easy. Also, I have seen that certain profiles can add external links to their Instagram stories (which you can’t do with normal posts.)  This feature doesn’t seem to be released for everyone yet but when it eventually is, it’s going to be a goldmine for those trying to direct their Instagram audience to their personal websites or a landing page.

I’m planning to keep using and learning about Instagram. I’ll see what I can build.

Oh, and follow me @thebenworrall


Ben Worrall

Information Overload



This one really gets to me.

As someone who is into personal development, I take in a lot of information about different subjects relating to working on yourself and becoming a more well-rounded person.

There have been countless situations where I discover a new golden nugget of information that I think is useful and can be applied to my life to make big improvements over time. Which is great in theory right?

Here’s the problem. We are living in an age which comes with not simply an abundance of information, but an overload of information. It’s one of the main reasons that I have always been a little hesitant about adding more written content to this blog. Who really needs another know-it-all pushing more pointless opinions to this already overcrowded virtual space?

Discovering this awesome nugget of information that has the potential to change a certain aspect of my life is nice and everything but the issue is that there is always another one right around the corner.

It is almost impossible to keep track. The information keeps on coming. Also, because these useful nuggets are usually focused on niche topics, it can be difficult to pick between them.

So, what is the difference between the information that sticks and the information that turns into fairy dust? Well, that comes down to habit building.

There is no point in reading and studying different personal development techniques if you don’t apply them to your life by turning them into habits.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still learn new things that stick around in your unconscious mind and probably somewhat shape your thought processes and your decision making as you move forward. But they won’t be become major influencers in your life unless you turn them into habits.

How to do create habits? You need to apply what you have learned in some sort of focused daily activity. Eventually it will no longer seem forced and at that point the new habit will be with you for the long haul.

For example, if you have just discovered meditation and were amazed by all the potential long-term benefits, then you need to start meditating every single day until it becomes part of who you are.

The amount of new habits you are going to be able to develop at any one time is very limited.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you are very selective as you swim through the river of information until you spot that juicy fish that you KNOW is going to be more nutritious and more beneficial to your life than any other fish you have come across. And remember the best fish is subjective. It won’t be the same for everybody.

When you find your personally selected fish, reach in, grab in and hold on tight.

Don’t let fish slip from your hand. It won’t be easy to find it again.


Ben Worrall

I’ve become a coffee shop person



In the olden days I could never really understand the appeal of coffee shops. Whenever I went in one it was because someone else wanted to or because I was waiting around for something.

But recently I have been going into coffee shops more regularly by myself. It’s nice and peaceful. Well, when I say coffee shop I mean the little seating area at the back of the 711  store and when I say coffee I mean the 50 pence iced coffee that comes in a can (there is no way I’m going to Starbucks).

But it’s still an enjoyable experience.

I think it’s because I spent so much of my time working at home nowadays. It’s really nice to take a break, head down to get my coffee and just think about life and the projects I’m working on. I would recommend this type of reflection break for anyone who is working at home all day. It helps you to put things in perspective and go back to work more focused.

I’m quite a thoughtful, reflective person anyway. But i know there are a lot of people out there that are active working on the next task 24/7 with no opportunity to stop and think about what they are doing. I feel that if you don’t spend enough time contemplating the direction you are going in then you may end up going the wrong way.

If you are this type of person…go and get a coffee.

Ben Worrall

The Curse of Being Human



The curse of being human, interesting title, what could it be?

This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while now.

Here’s the story:


There once was a man who had nothing. He had no friends or family. He lived on the streets and struggled to get by. By day, he begged for change to feed himself and by night he had to compete with other homeless people to get a roof over his head.  This man’s life was a vicious cycle, he couldn’t see a way out and he wished for nothing more than to be given the smallest of opportunities, anything that would provide him with a ray of hope and a chance to live somewhat of a normal life.  

Despite his situation, this man survived each day and woke up the next morning to do it all again. One summers evening, the man found a bench near the side of a river where he planned to spend the night. He sat in silence and watched the sun go down, the sun’s rays reflected across the water. As the man continued to watch the world go by around him, he noticed something very strange. He felt at peace. His mind was silent. The he, who earlier that day was worrying about where he would be sleeping, was gone. Who was that he anyway? This man could not hear him now. He just watched. Everything was okay. Everything was exactly how it should be. For the briefest of moments this mans perception twisted and blended with the perception of those things he watched. This was it. This was everything. He was happy. 

Hours later, it was dark out now and the man had ungracefully fallen back into his old patterns of thinking. He wanted to sleep but he was cold and he was hungry. He was already dreading having to do it all again tomorrow. The man closed his eyes and wished for a miracle. He was going to find a job tomorrow, he wanted a job more than anything else in the world. 

The next day, when the man awoke, he felt a strange sense of optimism. He gathered his few belongings and began his daily search for a job.

Two hours later. The man had been offered a job working in a small outside cafe’ in a nearby park. Not only this but the owner of the elderly manager of the cafe’ had also agreed to put the man up in an unoccupied nearby apartment he owned, rent free until the man had earned his first paycheck and was able to afford the rent. The man couldn’t believe his luck. Finally, after all this time he had a glimpse of hope. 

For the first couple of months in his new job the man worked as hard as he could. He was extremely grateful to the manager and the opportunity he had been given. To have a guaranteed roof over his head, food on his table and the means to take a hot shower was a blessing.

However, as time passed, the man slowly became accustomed to his new way of life. He didn’t appreciate the stability as much anymore and the long hours he was working started to bother him more and more. The manager was often snappy with him, telling him what to do and the customers were rude to him. The man knew he owed the manager but at the same time he didn’t appreciate being treated with no respect. 

The man secretly began looking for another job. He wanted something that required less work and paid more money. He had a little saved up and could afford to search around. Within two weeks he managed to land himself a sales job in a cosy office.

This new job was great. His wage was way higher and he could afford a nicer apartment. He even had a spare bedroom! This new job was also way more enjoyable, he enjoyed selling and his co-workers treated him as part of the team.

As a year went by it became clear to the man that he had a natural knack for sales. He was constantly beating out the competition to become the top salesman of the month and his bosses loved him because he was bringing in so much money for the company. He was even able to afford a new car. However, the man wasn’t stupid and he realised that he was getting a tiny fraction of the money he was bringing in while he bosses were pocketing the clear majority of it.

Every day when he drove into work he noticed the luxury sports car belonging to the company owner parked in a reserved parking space while him and his basic car had to compete for a space. It wasn’t fair. He was bringing in all the money, why wasn’t he profiting from his own work.

Eventually, the man had enough and decided to mutiny from the company along with several other employees to setup his own business. This way he would get out of his work exactly what he put into his work and he would be rewarded the compensation he deserved for his efforts.

Setting up the new company wasn’t easy but the man had the talent and the work ethic. After five years in business the man’s company was valued at over ten million dollars. He had finally done it. He was richer than he could have ever imagined, he was well respected by everyone and had the freedom to do whatever he wanted.

He travelled the world on business, ate out in fancy restaurants every night and even got himself a newer model of one of those sports cars his previous boss had owned. This was it. He was living the high life.

However, something was still missing. What was this uneasy feeling his was experiencing?

Most of the people he was working with were married and/or had children. They had family, something that the man had never really known. That must be it, he thought, the final ingredient. He needed to find a partner and have children. He wanted to share his wealth and success with a family. He wanted children who could take over the company he had built when he was eventually forced to retire.

Dating life was difficult, he had high expectations and wasn’t going to rest until he had found the perfect partner. Why couldn’t things just be simple. It started to bother the man, was he going to be alone forever? He began to find himself not being able to sleep at night. He has achieved so much and yet he couldn’t seem to find a wife that was right for him.

He was close to giving up when one fateful day he met the woman of his dreams. He liked her and she liked him and within six months they were married.

A couple of years later and they had two healthy children who the man loved, they were the best thing to ever happen to him. He knew that one day that they would take the control of the company, he could enjoy his blissful retirement and everything would be in it’s rightful place.

Many more years passed and as his children grew into adults they became everything he thought they would be. They were intelligent and hardworking just like him. On the man’s 70th birthday, his wish was finally fulfilled as he passed the company onto his children and moved into retirement.

Retirement life was the best. This was the first time in the man’s adult life that he had the time, the money and no responsibilities. He could enjoy life in whatever way he pleased. And he did, for several years…

Then one day while relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean, the man, now in his mid-70’s, began to feel that feeling he has felt so many times before.

The irritation that had kept him up a night.

The noise inside his head.

The lack of fulfilment that had been there all along.

It didn’t make sense.

He had everything. There was nothing more he wanted. He quite literally couldn’t think of anything else.

What was the problem? He couldn’t put it into words.

It was just there and it wouldn’t go away.

The man blinked.

He was in a hospital bed. His family were gathered around. He was having trouble breathing now.  

In a way he was relieved.

This existence is fundamentally flawed, he still didn’t understand it.

Then, as he took his final breath and closed his eyes. He felt it once again.

The sun’s rays reflected across the river.

He was sitting on that bench. He was happy. 



Ben Worrall