Unshakeable by Tony Robbins – Book Summary

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Unshakeable Tony Robbins

One of the main priorities in my life recently has been improving my financial situation and ultimately taking the first few steps towards achieving financial freedom. This week I have been listening to the audio version of Tony Robbin’s new book “Unshakeable”. A book full of practical advice on how you can achieve financial freedom. The book lays the ground … Read More

Stephen King On Writing – Book Review

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On writing stephen king book review

  I have a love-hate relationship with books about writing. I have read quite a few books on writing – both novels and screenplays. While there have been times where the information in these books have really helped me to improve my writing, I have also found these types of books tend to stifle my creativity as I become far … Read More

5 Best Insights from Robert Greene’s MASTERY – Book Review

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robert greene mastery review

Last week I finished reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene. Here’s my review.       This is an amazing book jam packed with interesting and useful ideas. I was taken aback at how deep this book goes into unexpected topics such as creativity. Mastery may be in the ‘Personal Development’ category of my book list but it could … Read More

Inside Out |The Concept Show Episode 1

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Inside Out

  Today I am going to be shaking things up a little bit and doing something different by introducing a video show to my website. I am proud to introduce you to The Concept Show an idea I came up with a couple of weeks back which involves me talking about the different concepts or ideas that are lurking about … Read More

A review of Crush It! by Gary Vee

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crush it book review

Hello! In this blog post, I’m going to talk briefly about Crush it! A book by the one, the only, Gary Vee. This book was released back in 2009 and I have wanted to read it for a while but only got just got round to it last week even though I have been following Gary for a couple of … Read More