Why Sunglasses are a MUST for travelling Asia


Sung;asses Asia Haggling

This blog post is about sunglasses and why they are so useful for travelling in Asia, especially when travelling alone. And no, it’s not because the the sun is bright. Sunglasses are handy to have because they (hopefully) hide your eyes. From personal experience, I can tell you that there were many times when was forced into an intense haggling … Read More

Ben’s Introductory Guide to The Philippines


Coron The Philippines
Ben’s Introductory Guide to The Philippines   The Philippines was the first country that I traveled around solo and it remains one of my favorites. This is mainly due to the vast array of islands, stunning beaches and tropical waters. It seems that The Philippines is slightly overlooked as a viable travel destination by many. Which means that the amount ... Read More

Welcome to Taipei – Transport in Taipei


Welcome to Taipei -Transport In Taipei  Travel around in Taipei City Hi all. I’ve been living in Taipei for roughly four days and feel now is a good time to post some of my initial impressions of the city. The days have been (mostly) action packed with sightseeing type activities which have been easily accessible due to the variety of ... Read More