How to self-publish your own book online (3 ways)


how to self-publish a book

How exactly can I self-publish a book? As I have been getting stuck into writing my first novel I have also been researching the options that I am going to have when the time comes to self-publish the book online. If you have been following my blog you know that I am all about taking matters into your own hands. … Read More

How to get up early in the morning


how to get up early

This is a quick lifestyle tip video  where I talk about a strategy I use to make sure I get up early every morning. This video might be helpful to anyone who feels they can get more done in the morning but can never seem to get up at the time they plan to. Enjoy!    

Why I recommend audiobooks


audiobook sheep

Hello again! For the last six months or so I have been obsessed with listening to audiobooks. I never previously understood the value of audiobooks over traditional reading but I have completely changed my mindset on this. Here’s the secret:  Most of us waste so much time of our time waiting…waiting on the bus…waiting at the bank…waiting for our shift … Read More

Green Tea is the Best


Green tea is the best

Since moving to Taiwan in mid-2016 I have fallen in love…with iced green tea. I’m not lying when I say that the quality, accessibility and price of iced green tea will be the thing I miss the most about Taiwan when I leave. Why do I love green tea so much. Let me provide you with some reasons:    1. … Read More



Resistance This time last week I went on my first solo trip to the east coast of Taiwan where I explored several of the towns there. One of the towns I visited (named Jiaoxi in English) is primarily known for its beautiful natural hot springs which can be accessed free of charge by anyone who fancies a dip. When I ... Read More