A review of Crush It! by Gary Vee

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crush it book review


In this blog post, I’m going to talk briefly about Crush it! A book by the one, the only, Gary Vee.

This book was released back in 2009 and I have wanted to read it for a while but only got just got round to it last week even though I have been following Gary for a couple of years now. If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuck, he’s an entrepreneur who specializes in spotting market trends in social media and more.

In this book Gary talks about the idea that with the rise of new media technology anybody has the ability to make a good living by creating content about their chosen passion online. Now this idea is more obvious than it was back in 2009 but still a foreign concept to many people.

I’m going to summarize some of the main topics Gary covers in this book and add my own thoughts in also.



Gary stresses the importance of talking about what you are most passionate about in order to build a brand online. He adds that without a level of sustainable passion the work will not seem worth it to you and you will quit. I agree with what he is saying but also find myself slightly wary of the whole niche passion thing, as most people don’t have any idea what they passionate about. More so, to actually sit down and create an entire online brand based on this passion takes a rare kind of self-assured and self-aware person.

Either you are someone who is mistaken in thinking your lifelong passion is something which is not actually your lifelong passion OR don’t feel strongly enough about anything to actually say THIS IS IT!!! THIS IS MY PASSION!!!

Personally, while I have topics I like talking about, there is nothing niche enough that I feel like I would want to dedicate myself too. I’m working on it…

Anyway, that’s not your problem. The main point Gary is trying to make is that IF you do have a specific passion, you have a real chance of making it with an online brand around yourself talking about that passion.

However, there is a catch, because to succeed at this you need…



That’s right. You need to put the work quite simply because it’s such a crowded virtual world out there. There are two main requirements you need to break through the noise and get people actually engaging with your work.

The first one is work ethic. The second is quality work.

Gary argues that if this really is your passion you should have no problem consistently producing high quality content on a regular basis.

But this isn’t where the work ends. If you work is great it will eventually rise to the top of your niche and put your brand on the map but you also need to put long hours into using the most effective promotional tools available online…



Social media puts everyone on a equal playing field. It gives everyone the opportunity to actively engage with the people who are interested in their niche passion topic and other related topic. Using these platforms is a free activity and an effective one at that, but of course it takes time.

Again, in theory, because you are passionate about your topic anyway you should have no problem engaging with others who share your passion in an authentic way and begin to build up a following from there.

As someone who has constantly talked down social media and never really used it in a real way, I do feel like I have missed an opportunity not getting more involved sooner. I plan to work on this in the coming year and actually start using various platforms to talk about my business projects and also the ideas i’m sharing on benworrall.com

I think the big one for me is YouTube…we will see.


This is a very brief summary of some of the strategies Gary talks about in his book. Gary does a much better job so check out Crush It! if you found this post interesting.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read.

Ben Worrall