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decluttering your mind

The mind is a powerful tool. It is also an adaptable tool. The best way to develop yourself and find the peace of mind that you have been seeking is by decluttering your mind. If this is something you are interested in, then keep reading as I’m about to explain how you can declutter your mind by adopting mindset minimalism.


I have already covered minimalism in a previous post but this time I will be taking the concept in a different direction. When it comes to mindset minimalism we are not so concerned about becoming free from possessions. What we are looking do to is free up our minds from the mental noise and distractions that have built up over a lifetime.

Let’s examine three different ways you can go about declutting your mind.



Being busy is the norm nowadays. One way of decluttering your mind is to reduce the amount of stuff you are doing on a daily basis. This could mean opting out of your hectic job or just taking more time off.

When you make a point of becoming less busy, you free up space in your schedule to be with yourself. For some people being with themselves might sound like a hellish nightmare (which is a big problem) but spending time alone allows you to contemplate and solve internal issues. You remove yourself from the rat race and suddenly your mind quietens.

Some might argue that ‘not being busy’ is a luxury that only those with money can afford but I tend to lean toward the belief that selecting this type of lifestyle is a choice. There are so many options out there for work that doesn’t necessarily require you to spend your whole life in constant go mode.

It’s not something that will happen overnight but working towards developing this type of lifestyle is what you should be striving for if you want to be in the best position to completely declutter your mind.

I know from personal experience that giving yourself space is an amazing advantage as you move forward in life, even if it’s just temporary space. When you allow yourself the time to reflect, the stresses of your former life begin to dissolve, it’s from this place that you can begin to build up strong foundations once again.

This new-found time can be used to focus on human priorities such as diet, exercise, meditation, human interaction and fun!



We are living in a world where everyone is out to get your attention and to influence your behaviour. This is especially true when you the consider overabundance of information on the internet and that most of it comes with along with some sort of agenda.

To declutter your mind, you should be selective with the type of influences you are exposing yourself to. Set clear boundaries on the type of information you are prepared to take. If you can do this then not only will your mind slowly begin to drain of all the negative influences but will be replaced with positive influences that can impact your life in a positive way.






A great way to declutter your mind is to become more organised in your life. A lack of organisation, leads to a lack of direction and a lack of direction leads to clutter.

Try to figure out your priorities. What are the main things you value? What are the goals you want to be working towards?

Once you have figured out the most important aspects of your life, you can concentrate on becoming organised and creating habits around these.

With this being said you should always keep it as simple as possible. Being too rigid with your organisation can also create problems. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t become obsessed with your own routine.

The point I’m trying to make is that having simplified organisation in place will reduce the unknown, reduce mental noise and clear your mind up for the important stuff.


Ben Worrall




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