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Over the last 2-3 years my values have profoundly shifted. I’m still the same person on the surface, but my psyche has evolved and is still in the process of evolving. This evolution has been partly caused by the process of ageing, but is also due to the amount of time I have invested in introspection and self-education.

For the last year, it’s been my career ambition to become a professional filmmaker. My plan was to master the craft of filmmaking and then work my way up until I was in a position to create my own films. Unfortunately, in recent months my motivation to continue on this career path has evaporated into a cloud of smoke and ash.

I have been asking myself questions like:

-What do I want out of life?

-What’s most important thing I could be doing with my life?

I soon realised that my passion boils down to the communication of ideas, and that I’m somewhat apathetic towards the process of filmmaking itself. I now see that pursuing a career in filmmaking will most likely to lead me to technical position in the film industry, which isn’t what I want to be doing. I still have a real love of films and the art of filmmaking, but I just don’t see an immediate future for myself in this career path.

So what now?

As mentioned above, my passion is the communication of ideas, the activity that I spend most of my time on is the study of self-mastery, and my current professional role is teaching. It occurred to me that maybe I should combine all three aspects of my life into one powerful purpose. That purpose being to teach and communicate ideas which help other people to become the best version of themselves.

But what qualifies me to be teaching people about such a broad subject? I’m just a 25 year old with little life experience, no audience, and average communication skills at best. Who is going to listen to me?

But then I ponder more deeply and realise that this isn’t about me. If I’m going to pursue this path, I shouldn’t be approaching it from a place of ego. The real questions I should be asking myself are:

Could I help others from the sharing of these ideas?

Could I make a positive difference in the world?

And the answer to both of those questions is yes.

The way I view the world has been expanded and enriched in the last couple of years. I now understand concepts that have completely changed my perspective, including a better understanding of myself. At this point, I have quite a few valuable insights rolling around in my head, ideas that have changed me and will help change others too. The scary and shocking thing is that the average person has no idea about most of this stuff. Some people do, and the information is out there in books and online, but most people aren’t seeking out this information. The school system and the mainstream media don’t talk about it and therefore, it remains mostly unknown.

Where this leaves me is with a sense of responsibility. I feel that I have a duty to speak my truth. A duty to share some of the deep wisdom which I have picked up over the last few years and continue to discover on a daily basis. I think about the current state of the world, and I see that it is crying out for wisdom. I see people who have lost touch with themselves, who are caught up in the storm of materialism created by a misguided culture. I believe that what would help humanity the most at this time is less looking outwards and more looking inwards. If every individual used their time to better understand themselves, educate themselves, and develop themselves, many of the problems we face today would vanish.

My personal mission:  “To communicate deep wisdom, helping others achieve inner growth.”

If I am going to take my mission seriously, I need to continue to develop myself further. That development will include the mastery of practical skills, namely written and spoken communication. I have become far more effective in both of these areas, but I am still nowhere near where I want to be. The habit I’m implementing into my life at the moment is to set aside a couple of hours of writing time every single day. I’m more motivated than ever to produce high quality written work which I can be proud of, and as a by-product, improve my writing skills. My secondary concern is improving my spoken communication which I will work on by getting back into making videos for YouTube. I see this as a good way to grow my audience. I’m also potentially interested in becoming certified as a coach. This would allow me to work with people one-on-one, and even make a decent living in the future. My personal strengths go hand in hand with a career like this.

It’s time for me to get started on my mission.  I hope this post inspires you to think about your mission. What is it you want to dedicate yourself to? I also hope that you are inspired to stick with me as I begin this journey into the unknown. If you want to be updated on my future posts as they are released, make sure to become a subscriber.

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