An Artist’s Experience


In the past I have always felt inauthentic when writing and now I think I’ve figured out why. Writing about anything other than direct experience is a lie. If the writer is not writing from experience or from experiential insight, then they are writing based on second hand knowledge or mass cultural indoctrination. In other words, they are writing from … Read More

Overcoming Creative Anxiety


If I had to identify the most frustrating challenge of my life – it would be creative anxiety. I have spent much of my life trying to overcome creative anxiety in one form or another, and unfortunately, I’m still on the battlefield. However, I’m much better at dealing with it than I used to be, hence why you’re reading this … Read More

5 Best Insights from Robert Greene’s MASTERY – Book Review

Ben WorrallREVIEWS

robert greene mastery review

Last week I finished reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene. Here’s my review.       This is an amazing book jam packed with interesting and useful ideas. I was taken aback at how deep this book goes into unexpected topics such as creativity. Mastery may be in the ‘Personal Development’ category of my book list but it could … Read More