The Origins of Cinema


When the camera was first introduced it was seen as a tool by theater performers to reach more people. They would place¬†the camera where the audience would usually sit and use it to film a performance. The camera was used to capture the reality of the production and there were no cinematic techniques used (such as varied shot types). It’s … Read More



Here in Taiwan, throwing away your household trash means waiting outside at a certain time of the day and physically throwing your bags into the back of the lorry as it passes.   Yesterday, I was waiting outside to do just this. There were around a dozen other people from my apartment block waiting to do the same thing. As … Read More

Why Blog


I have had this blog for around three years now. I think setting up back in 2014 was a great decision. One reason for this is that it allowed me to secure my name as the domain name which is going to become far harder to do as time goes on. This is especially true if you have a … Read More

Vision board


If I said to you right now “What do you want out of life?” How would you answer? Most people would need some time to think about it before answering the question. Some wouldn’t be able to answer at all. I have never been particularly focused on what I want. And if someone asked me it would take me some … Read More