Green Tea is the Best


Green tea is the best

Since moving to Taiwan in mid-2016 I have fallen in love…with iced green tea. I’m not lying when I say that the quality, accessibility and price of iced green tea will be the thing I miss the most about Taiwan when I leave. Why do I love green tea so much. Let me provide you with some reasons:    1. … Read More



Resistance This time last week I went on my first solo trip to the east coast of Taiwan where I explored several of the towns there. One of the towns I visited (named Jiaoxi in English) is primarily known for its beautiful natural hot springs which can be accessed free of charge by anyone who fancies a dip. When I ... Read More

The Importance of Growth


The Importance of Growth  If I had to pinpoint one reason why I decided to travel, it would be personal growth. Take a moment and stop to think about what long-term travel actually is. A person uproots their entire life, discarding almost everything they know as familiar and throwing themselves into a totally new environment. This is a scary concept. ... Read More