Why Blog


I have had this blog for around three years now. I think setting up benworrall.com back in 2014 was a great decision. One reason for this is that it allowed me to secure my name as the domain name which is going to become far harder to do as time goes on. This is especially true if you have a common name – the “John Smiths” out there are screwed.

Here’s some quick advice. Stop reading this now and go to https://instantdomainsearch.com type your full name into the search bar and see if the .com version of your domain name is available. If luck is on your side and the name is available, then I would strongly urge you to secure it. Even if you don’t directly plan to do anything with it.

The truth is that the internet is not going anywhere. To me it’s become clear that having an online presence is crucial if you want to be someone who leaves a mark on the world of tomorrow. As a person whose always valued privacy and shrugged off social media I’m not entirely thrilled about this fact but it’s the reality of the direction the world is headed. Having a so called ‘home’ on the internet is going to be extremely beneficial. Especially, if you aspire to run your own business or create and sell your own products.

Sure, you can have your own social media accounts and make those work for you but here’s the problem: your social media accounts do not belong to you.

Let’s look at the long-term picture. Let’s assume that the internet is going to be prominent throughout your lifetime. It’s not guaranteed but it is likely. If this is the case, then your life from this point onwards is going to be recorded in one way or another. If you use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram regularly then you probably post photos, record memories and possibly even engage with your customer base if you are running a business. But what if something happens to Facebook? Or Twitter? Or Instagram? They are big companies but they are not invincible and it certainly isn’t unfeasible that they could disappear or be replaced with other alternatives throughout the coming years. In fact, I would argue that it’s likely. In this situation, what happens to your photos, your memories, your customer base? They are gone.

The great thing about having a personal website or blog is that unlike social media accounts it does belong to you. And barring some unforeseen event, it will likely stay in your possession throughout your life time – if you pay the yearly domain and hosting fee that is.

What I like about this is that you have a legacy that can’t be taken away from you. If I suddenly died tomorrow, some of my final thoughts would be recorded on here on my website. It’s not that my thoughts are anything special but in a way, they are. It’s history in the making and the same applies to anyone who is publishing on their website.

I like the idea that if I have children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren in the future they will be able to look back and this and see what type of person I was. I think that’s cool.

In fact, this is strange because it’s entirely possible that they are reading these words now. Does time even exist online? I am writing and they are reading. And now the fact that I have mentioned them, they are probably reading this thinking WOW HE MENTIONED ME! And now that I have mentioned the fact that they are surprised that I mentioned them makes this whole thing even more meta…

If you are reading this and you can no longer contact me. Keep the website running. I would like that.

This is why I blog.

Ben Worrall