Why I recommend audiobooks


audiobook sheep

Hello again!

For the last six months or so I have been obsessed with listening to audiobooks. I never previously understood the value of audiobooks over traditional reading but I have completely changed my mindset on this.

Here’s the secret: 

Most of us waste so much time of our time waiting…waiting on the bus…waiting at the bank…waiting for our shift to finish…and so on.

It’s at these times that you should have your phone on you, with some headphones and an audiobook ready to go. It’s amazing how much you can learn about different interesting and practical topics in such a short time when you are consuming audiobooks in these types of situations.

Sure, reading a book is fine but why would you want to carry a book (or a kindle) around everywhere you go. Also, I feel it takes more energy and willpower to pull out a book in a public place and start reading compared to just putting in your headphones and pressing play.

You can navigate your life and get stuff done while continuing to consume information through an audiobook, whereas I feel reading is an activity you need to allocate time for.

I have recently started going to the gym here in Tainan by bus. Unfortunately, the bus takes around 30 minutes each way which is a huge chunk of my day. I was aggravated when I first realized how long it was going to take but my frown quickly turned to a smile when I remembered that I could just spend an hour each day listening to audiobooks and learn more about self-development, business and so on.

I cannot recommended listening to audiobooks highly enough.

And if you are reading this thinking to yourself that you have no reason to be listening to audiobooks. Stop thinking. I promise you that there are books out there that CAN help you…or at the very least keep your mind occupied.

Ben Worrall