Year One (2014-2015) : Keep moving forward


Year One - Destiny

Today is the 19th September 2015 and today marks the one year point since I started my first post-university job. I’m using this occasion to write this blog post which, if everything goes according to plan, will be the first in a series of posts. I hope that in each annually published piece of writing I can discuss the main lesson life has taught me in that year long period. In theory, if I manage to stick to this, my growth as a human being will be recorded in time and therefore I will become immortal! Muhaha!


Year One (2014-2015) 

As I have already mentioned above, in September of 2014 I took my first job role as a Cashier at a local betting shop. I mainly took this job because I had little money at the time and was fed up of relying to on JSA to keep me afloat. I have never been a huge spender but I wanted steady money coming in so that I could save up to do something of importance.

Roughly 4 months into this role I realised that this wasn’t where I wanted to be or what I wanted to be doing and decided that I needed to make a change for the sake of my own sanity if nothing else. My sights where set on completing a film making course back in Bournemouth (my University town). But there was a big issue. I had no way to earn an income in Bournemouth and didn’t have anywhere to live. I was at a crossroads and had a important dilemma on my hands. Do I take the easy option and stay where I am? Or do I take a big risk and move to a completely new part of the country in the pursuit of something better? (with only about 3 months of rent in my bank account.)

As you may have guessed. I took the second option. I handed in my notice, found a place to live through the blessing that is the internet and made my way into the unknown. The decision was scary and I could have easily ended up back where I started with nothing to show for it. Fortunately, it paid off and around a month later I had started my film making course, secured a new job and was living comfortably in my new place.

Now i’m not saying my life now is perfect, far from it. But what I hope to covey is that the decision to make a change in your life is your own to make. Never sit back, give up and become uncomfortably numb with the way things have turned out. Sometimes you need to make the risky decision and jump into the deep end with no idea where you’ll end up in order to truly shape your destiny. This, in my opinion, is what life is all about. It’s what makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. Strive towards whatever it is that will add meaning to your life and the lives of others around you. Look for the new experiences. Keep moving forward.

“Do not dwell in the past. Each morning we are born again. Given a second chance.” 

Ben 2015

Ben Worrall – 19th September 2015.